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Iovate Free Advertising Material

Purchase any of the Iovate advertising materials (Pop up banners or A frames) from this website and you could be eligible to be reimbursed by Iovate for your purchase. Follow the steps below and find out how to be reimbursed for your marketing purchase in product, at wholesale cost!

  1. Purchase any eligible Iovate advertising from the website- Pop up banners and A frames
  2. Once you receive the item, take a picture at your GNC location
  3. Clearly print your store number on the receipt
  4. Take a photo of the receipt
  5. Email both the photo of the advertising and the receipt to
  6. Iovate will reimburse you in product for your purchase (at wholesale cost)
  7. Product will be shipped directly to your store! Free advertising! Now who doesn’t want that?